Sunday, January 1, 2012

WOW!! has it really been a year and a half sense i have posted anything!!??!!   Well lets see what has happened....Franc's daughter turned 18 and graduated from high school.  Changed jobs, now I play with big fiberglass stickers all day making airplane parts. Been doing some beading and a little quilting.  Learned kumihimo and now want to do lots more.  I think my New Years goal will be to keep up on my blog more!!  

This is a necklace that I made for my niece for Christmas.

This is kumihimo with wire and 6mm firepolish.


Pookledo said...

I love the pendant necklace! I'm part way through making something a little similar. I've made the beaded rope and got a pendant but am toaly clueless when it comes to the bail. i can't seem to find one the right size anywhere. I'm glad to see they do exist though and I'm not chasing after something I thought existed in my head. :)

Gemma said...

Loving your kumihimo. Do you do it with the traditional kit or with the disc thingies?

Jennifer Baker said...

@ Pookledo..I found that bail at Joannes of all places. I wasnt sure if it would work but it did.

@ Gemma ... I use the disc

Clair said...

Gosh these braids are beautiful! x