Thursday, January 1, 2009

My year in Pictures

This was acctually taken in Dec of 07 right before we is my big kitty Lowbacca.

Franc and our little kitty Maile....taken in our new place in January...thats right we moved 12/28 3 days after christmas.

A beaded wall hanging I finished in April.

It snowed on April 19th!!!

Melissa was exahusted after a 3 day travel stint....she flew up form Cali to go with us to the Sasquatch Festival.

Franc and mines faverite part of the show...The Cure!!! The first time I saw the cure was at the Gorge with Franc and now we get to see them again at the Gorge.

Death Cab for Cutie opened for them...awesome show!!

Franc and I dancing to Michael Frantini and Spearhead

Melissa in the sunset....

In June I made this necklace....I didnt take any pics in July

In August we celibrated Justins and Devins Birthday, it started out at Carie Blake Park but it was way too cold so we moved it to our house. A bit cramped but warmer.

Melissa came to visit us the last week of August. We went shopping for school stuff...had lots of fun.

Also in August Derrick got married to Amanada , and had their wedding reception in September on our parents they are raising a cup to each other.

Happy Halloween....this is the wall hanging I made. Below is a pair of earrings.

A november wall hanging with my kitties on it.

the turtle that clogged the vacuum tube.

A christmas wall hanging

and one set of the many pot holders i made.