Saturday, September 12, 2009

Season change and a braclet

One of the sure signs that the seasons are changing arround here from summer to fall is the GINORMOUS garden spiders. This one has been hanging out side our front window for about a week.

I recently finished(almost) this braclet. It was a design i have been admiring for some time. Now all I need to do is the clasps, I think I want 3 buttons instead of 3 beads. Any suggestions??

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Melissa said...

I love spiders and that one is a beaut!

As for the wonderful bracelet, I would prefer the buttons, too!

Jennifer Baker said...

I am leaning verry heavily towards the buttons.

Dena said...

If you asked my husband about when he knows fall has arrived, he'd say when the yard is full of leaves. For me, it's when we go on road trips on the Cascade Hwy to see all the vibrant colors in the trees.

Your bracelet is very nice. I don't do beading so I'm a little unfamiliar with the process. But I think a couple of small buttons would be a nice finishing detail.